Equalcups is a community driven and a social oriented initiative. Our goal in to improve communities by strengthening individuals and mobilizing them to become a unity. 

Our store is a form of fundraising, we want to give back to our supports, donors and sponsors. By creating this unique and beautiful merchandises, our donors get to support our social projects and at the same time, get to represent us through our merchandises.


Founder & CEO

EQUALCUPS is a non-profit organization with a strong sense of passion to make this world a better place, by bridging the gap and making it possible for each and every individual who is capable and ready to grow. For all those that might also not be capable on their won strength, we open doors to them to grow and develop in a way that benefits them. All these are made possible by the involvement of people who believe that everyone deserves an opportunity and a great life.

We are here to make dreams come true, and also to provide an opportunity for people all over the world to be part of our purpose, vision and value.


22309 Hamburg

Mon - Sat

10 a.m - 6 p.m